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If you’re going to be out on the highway for an prolonged time period (i.e. a month or extra), you’re probably questioning whether or not or not it’s a good suggestion to deliver an additional tire with you. Bringing an additional tube or two is apparent, however bringing an additional tire? Is it actually essential?

In my view, no, bringing an additional tire just isn’t one thing you usually have to do. So long as you’re beginning your tour with a brand new or pretty new set of tires, you must be capable to get some fairly long way out of these tires earlier than they want changing.

However what if you’re going to be touring by bike for a REALLY very long time (i.e. three months or extra)? Must you carry an additional tire then?

In my view, no. Even if you’re planning to be in your bike for months or years on finish, it’s not sometimes essential to hold an additional bicycle tire with you as you journey.

Usually, you’re going to have the ability to inform prematurely when your tires have gotten worn. As soon as your tire(s) start to indicate indicators of maximum put on and tear, you then want to start on the lookout for a motorcycle store. When you discover a store, purchase a brand new tire (or two), put the tire(s) in your bike and proceed down the highway. Usually, that is what you’ll do when you could change your tire(s).

However what occurs if you’re out in the course of nowhere and your tire all of a sudden goes kaputt?

This type of scenario is lower than very best and isn’t one thing you wish to occur if you find yourself touring by bike. Usually, a scenario reminiscent of this may be averted by protecting a each day watch on the situation of your tires.

However in the event you do get your self right into a scenario the place your tire blows and you may not journey your bike, you could ask for assist. If passing cyclists have a spare tire, do your greatest to purchase, beg, or steal it off of them (Don’t actually steal it. I’m solely joking!). If there aren’t any different cyclists round, hitch a journey from a passing motorist and ask to be pushed to the closest bike store (or at the least the closest city with a motorcycle store). Purchase a brand new tire (or two) after which proceed in your approach.


On my first bicycle tour in 2001, by which I traveled for 30 days down the coast of California, I did carry a spare tire with me and by no means had to make use of it. Since that point, I’ve left the spare tire at dwelling. However there have been instances once I’ve wanted new tires when touring by bike.

In 2004, when touring by bicycle from Chicago, Illinois to New Orleans, Louisiana, I used to be using on tough gravel farm roads once I first observed an issue with one in every of my tires. I watched it for a day or two earlier than lastly rolling right into a city with a small bicycle store. On the store I used to be in a position to buy a brand new tire for my bike. I then rode a brief distance to a metropolis park the place I used to be in a position to swap out the outdated tire and substitute it with the brand new one. Drawback solved!

One other time I needed to change one in every of my tires was on my tour of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. I used to be heading out of Hannover, Germany once I all of a sudden heard a wierd slapping noise coming from my rear tire. I finished my bike and located that the glue used on my costly rear tire was merely not holding up and the tire was falling aside. I had not observed any issues with the tire on earlier days, so this put on and tear got here as fairly a shock. I attempted to maintain using on the busted tire, however I might inform it was by no means going to make it.

In the long run, I needed to backtrack about 10 miles into town of Hannover the place I used to be pressured to make use of my horrible German expertise to ask for the situation of the closest bike store. I lastly discovered a store close to the College, however the proprietor didn’t communicate English. I pointed to what it was that I needed and left a couple of minutes later with my model new tire.

The explanation I share these tales is in order that you already know what to anticipate when you get out on the highway. Usually, you’ll know when your tire must be changed. The tire will begin to fray or the rubber will disappear… and when this occurs, you could know that it’s time to begin on the lookout for a motorcycle store. Or, if you’re caught off guard (like I used to be in Hannover) and your tire all of a sudden blows, you must know that there’s sometimes one thing that may be completed to rescue your tour.


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Bicycle Touring With An Additional Tire? Is It A Good Thought? – Bicycle Touring Professional  
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