Specialised Hemisphere Bike Tires (26″ x 1.95″) – Bicycle Touring Professional

by jpc_touring-bicycle

My present bike tires: Specialised Hemisphere (26″ x 1.95″)

I’ve had a set of Continental Nation Plus tires on my touring bicycle for the final 12 months. They have been implausible tires for my latest biking adventures in Andorra, Denmark, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the US, however after greater than a 12 months of heavy use, the sidewalls began to climate and crack. Which is why I not too long ago changed my Continental Nation Plus bike tires with a brand new set of Specialised Hemisphere bike tires.

Why did I select these tires? As a result of there have been the perfect bike tires I might discover on the time and place of my buy (as I clarify on this previous video).





Please notice that this not an official overview of the Specialised Hemisphere bike tires. I’m solely publishing this info right here now in order that when individuals ask, “What sort of tires are you utilizing in your touring bicycle proper now?” I may give them a hyperlink the place they’ll get extra info and see some photographs of the tires I’m presently utilizing on my bicycle. Test again later for a extra official overview.


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